How Each Zodiac Sign Deals With Stress

Have you ever wondered what turns a level head into a stress head according their zodiac sign? Wouldn’t it be handy to know how to prevent those pressure points and panic buttons from being pushed?

Stressful situations may not always be possible to avoid but you can reduce the size of a meltdown by highlighting the things that make signs go full on crazy.


Arians are usually not good at delegating responsibilities because they love taking ownership and doing tasks all by themselves. This means that they end up with too much on their plate and become a scattergun.

Moreover, their lack of patience can cause their stress levels to reach an all-time high.


Stress plus challenge equals change, which is no bueno for Taurus. Change is a huge trigger and that makes them feel stressed thinking about all the adjustments they would have to make.

When feeling overwhelmed, Taureans may stress-eat, obsessively check their bank account, become inflexible, or work even harder on the task at hand. 

Keeping a steady routine helps Taurus in unknown times, and ploughing through it nice and slow is key.


Geminis are very temperamental, despite their apparent friendliness and kindness. When stressed, they can snap really hard and loud.

They are very susceptible to anxiety and don’t really have an ‘off’ switch for their brain. Their nervous system takes the brunt of stress, and can easily become strung out, frazzled, inconsistent, and flakey.


Cancer is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, and for them, home is where the heart is. They feel most loved when they are surrounded by family or close friends. In true Cancer nature, they cling to their family, friends, or partner in times of stress.

They are well aware of their mood swings and tend to have sudden outbursts of grumpiness. Hence, they prefer to withdraw emotionally into their comfort spot on the couch or under a blanket at their worst.


Leos are loud and explosive. And when stressed, their signature drama goes up. They have the worst anger and can drive you away for good with their reactions.

If they are stressed, they must overcompensate in another area of their life. If their relationship is falling apart, then they will take on a new position or project at work. 

As long as a Leo feels praised or receives a sense of great accomplishment in another area in their life, they are okay.


Virgos have an already high stress setting, and when it tips into the red, their mind takes the brunt as it races with overthinking and worry, running scenarios through their mind looking for a solution.

When they are stressed, they make a pro/con list to ease their mind. By weighing each positive and negative effectively, they tend to feel less stressed.


Libra can see all the sides in a situation, and becoming stressed leaves them unwilling to make a decision as they can also see the loss involved.

They are also known to be people pleasers, and tend to suppress their emotions for the sake of others. 

However, that can be absolutely destructive. If a Libra’s endurance ends and they break loose, their anger can be as bad as that of a Leo.


Scorpios look strong and impenetrable. But in reality, they are very careful to not expose their vulnerable side. And when stressed, they withdraw, becoming even more private than usual.

Their emotions may be tumultuous, and they imagine worst-case scenarios. But they handle challenges by observing and working out a strategy, then navigating solutions in unlikely ways.


Sagittarius is all about the big picture and they refuse to get bogged down by details. They become scattered when stressed, as well as unreliable.

Gallop off to get some space, as they need to move their body and seek new stimulation in order to find solutions is their way of dealing with whatever is going on with them.


Nobody works harder than a Capricorn, and no one plays harder either. Capricorns are almost always stressed. No one is more goal-oriented than a Capricorn.

Their answer to most things is to work more, to seek control, to take on even more responsibility, maybe even to boss everyone around by shouting orders. 

They are ruthless under stress and it is not unusual for them to work 24/7, which can result in isolation and burnout.


When stressed, Aquarius will procrastinate and become more emotionally detached, if not flake out on responsibilities altogether. They have the tendency to disconnect from the whole world.

To cope with stress, they need a friendly environment, good company and a heart-to-heart conversation. This distracts an Aquarius from oppressive thoughts and instils hope.


When stress gets the better of them, Pisces tends to get messy and unkept

However, they relieve their stress with their own form of art, leaving the stressful situation behind.

They’re famous for living in your own version of fantasyland, and that’s their response to stress, challenges, or crisis.

Whether it be singing, songwriting, painting or dancing, Pisces use their stress like a muse. Whatever their passion may be, they use it as an outlet.

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