Types of People We Meet In Our Lives

The universe works in mysterious ways. We meet numerous people throughout our course of life, and everyone will play a part in your existence.

The people you meet always add something to your life, be it negative or positive. We always learn a thing or two from them, which shape our lives eventually.

Here are the different types of people that we are sure to encounter in our life, at least once.

The Giver

This person is entirely focused on being there for others. They just want to give and find their happiness in the art of giving. And they don’t expect anything in return.

Be it donating, or sacrificing something for others, they do it open heartedly. They don’t hold grudges or think about whether or not they have been crossed before. They just ‘give’ in kindness.

The Taker

As opposed to the giver, the taker is one who just wants more and continue to take without thinking about others. 

They are never satisfied and always look for ways to be benefited first before others.
The taker’s first preference is always themself. 

Be careful about such people as they have no limit to taking.

The Helper

As the name suggests, this person is always ready to help. Just like the giver, the helper doesn’t hesitate in offering a hand of support whenever needed.

They are always one to count on anytime you need help, no matter what the situation is. 

Whether it’s you in trouble or someone else, you can always go to them for help.

The Awakener

The awakener plays a critical role in your life and journey. It is the person who inspires change in your life by awakening your potential and drives you to do something you’re afraid to.

They shake you from your slumber and help you “see the light” and get on your way to life. They make you question a lot of things whilst making you realize your purpose. 

If you haven’t met the awakener in your life yet, just hold on – you will soon.

The Adventurer

The adventurer is always going somewhere and always doing something unbelievably exciting.

Although you may not always be up for everything they are up to, simply being around them will inspire you to break out of your comfort zone and do things you never would normally do.

Adventurers will make your life very interesting and exciting, as they help others around them to break their shells open and explore new opportunities.

The Laidback One

This person can just be considered to be lazy. They don’t really care much about what’s happening and just accept life as it comes. They aren’t a ‘seize the day’ kind of a person.

Whether it is to do with jobs, friends or even their love life, they take the back seat whilst allowing the other person to be in-charge. 

They are rarely up for anything exciting and are often fond of anything that might require the least energy.

The Optimist

This person is awfully cheerful and always tries to see the brighter side of every situation

Their positive attitude may be irritating at times, but it reminds you that you should always look on the bright side no matter what obstacles cross your path.

They will make you believe that there is still some good left in the world. All you have to do is have faith.

The Pessimist

While optimists fill you with positive energy, pessimists can really drain your energy most of the times. They, unfortunately, have a bad vibe surrounding them. 

Their constant ‘the glass is half empty’ attitude can be upsetting and dampen your mindset.

However, they do keep you grounded by reminding you of all the things that could go wrong, rather than letting you build castles in the air.

The Social Butterfly

This is the person who is often loud and loved by everyone due to their social skills. They are fun and easily become the life of any party.

Their humor and energy is infectious.
However, it’s not easy to count on them as they don’t stick to one person or group, and rather jump from clique to clique.

The Emotional One

This person is highly sensitive and gets affected by the smallest thing said or done to them. They take everything personally and rarely forget anything.

Their emotions are easily triggered and they wallow in doubt or self-pity. These people are the ones you have to watch your words around since anything can set them off in tears.

The Weirdo

The weirdo is borderline psychotic. They are just crazy and can drive you insane.
This person says the weirdest things at the weirdest times, and makes statements that no one knows the appropriate responses to. 

They crack sadistic jokes or comments, have questionable taste in partners and give the craziest advice, if asked.

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