8 Things Women Hate About Men

There might be ample qualities that make men irresistible. But there are also certain things that are an immediate turn off to women.

Men can drive women crazy, and so many guys do things women not only hate but also don’t understand. Between dad jeans and weirdly misogynistic attitudes, there are certain things that make us women want to run away and never come back.

Here are a few things men do that make ladies secretly hate them:

• Saying one thing and doing another.

Nothing annoys women more than when a man says he’d do (or won’t do) something, and ends up doing the opposite of it. 

If you promise to do anything, don’t change your mind at the last moment and come up with new unbelievable and amusing excuses.

Men are all rolling their eyes whenever girls ask them to do something repeatedly considering that a mere act of nagging. But if you say you want to take us away for the weekend, take us away for the weekend. 

If you say you’re not going to go back to your old ways, don’t go back to your old ways. See? Simple.

• The inability to understand her needs.

You don’t have to read her mind, but you if you want to be in a relationship that lasts, you need to understand her needs and occasionally put them first.

If she’s in a bad place, needs consoling and you don’t understand her reasoning, you need to try and be as sympathetic as possible – there’s no easier way to push her away than to tell her that the way she feels is ridiculous. No woman will appreciate that.

• Ghosting.

Ghosting, for those who are unaware (as defined by the ever-reliable source that is Urban Dictionary) is “the act of suddenly ceasing all communication with someone the subject is dating, but no longer wishes to date. This is done in hopes that the “ghostee” will just “get the hint” and leave the subject alone, as opposed to the subject simply telling them he/she is no longer interested.”

Grow some balls boys, and let her know that it’s over like a gentleman. Ignoring her texts and calls is not just immature, but also insulting. How would you feel if the woman you liked ghosted you?

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• Poor hygiene.

Studies tell us that women evaluate men based on their qualities as a potential mate (and vice versa). And your overall personal cleanliness may be more important to the female persuasion than you realize.

Having poor hygiene, i.e., unclean nails, bad body odour, messy clothes, etc., is more likely to make a woman dislike you. Be yourself, but put in some effort so that you don’t repel the opposite gender.

• Having no idea how to treat women.

Sure, you might not have been in a relationship before, but why does that matter anymore? If you’re in a relationship now, you can now longer use the excuse of ‘not knowing how a relationship works.’

You now need to understand what it means to be in a relationship, to understand her needs and how to read her properly. You can’t mistreat her and constantly give excuses for the same.

• Lying.

Never lie to us. Period.

Men usually lie to save themselves from getting into uncomfortable situations. You are less comfortable with intimacy, so you may usually lie about your conquests — with regards to women or professional achievements. But understand that – women hate it when you lie.

We always understand when you’re lying to us and honestly, you’re just digging a grave for yourself.

• Being stingy.

There’s a difference between saving and being a downright miser. And women hate men who are stingy and look at every expenditure as an unwanted one.

It’s fine when a guy counts every penny in his pocket, but let’s not take it too far that it looks like an obsession. 

For example: “A bouquet of roses as a surprise? Nonsense!”, “Two tickets for a West End musical? Outrageous request!”. Generosity, on the other hand, is what highlights a real man.

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• Never listening.

Women really, really dislike men who don’t listen. Sure, we might talk a lot, but there are those times where we really need you to listen to us.

Do you have any idea how frustrating it is when you tell the same story three times in a row only because two previous times your mind wandered away? Or, when you sit in the restaurant across the table checking your phone showing no respect?

We have two ears for a good reason. We have to listen more and be present. Unlike talking, the ability of listening can hardly force us into trouble. And guys, if you have developed the talent of listening – it will get you far in life. Trust me. Listen more and be attentive.

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