Things We Learnt From Each F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Character

Friends is one of the most iconic and most loved shows in television history. Almost everyone will agree with me when I say that it’s one show that, no matter how many times we watch, we’ll laugh like it’s the first time.

Apart from its jokes and jabs, the show is also filled with lessons that we learn from each character.

Monica Geller

Monica is known as the compulsive perfectionist who likes everything according to her way. We’ve seen her scrub the floors until they’re “Monica-clean”, and we’ve seen her organize literally every component in her life.

She teaches us how to never give up. She was fired from her job, she struggled as a cook, and even when she finally landed her dream job as a chef, she was bullied by her colleagues

I mean, the girl went from dancing on the tables to making a name for herself.

Let’s not forget how Richard turned her down, and she eventually found her love in Chandler. She couldn’t conceive a baby, and eventually ended up with twins!

Her no-nonsense, obsessive attitude is what helped her reach the heights she deserved.

Ross Geller

We all know Ross as the guy who’s had three marriages and three divorces. But Ross is also the guy who wholeheartedly loved Rachel, when they were together and even when they weren’t.

Ross faced so many setbacks when it came to love, but even with all those heartaches and mistakes, he never gave up on true love.

Ross was also a man of his principles (except that one time he dated his student… hmm…) and his grammar skills

I mean if you’re looking to write a letter (of eighteen pages – front and back!) to justify your argument, at least have your grammar right! Your = your and you’re = you are. It really isn’t that difficult!

Rachel Green

Rachel went from being the rich, spoiled brat who knew nothing to this strong, independent woman with such passion for life

She was a rebel to run away from her wedding, leaving her groom at the altar, with nothing in her hands into the big, bad world.

She became a waitress, and slowly worked her way into fashion and got her dream job in Paris at Louis Vuitton. 

Even though she never ended up taking the job, she didn’t let anyone tell her she didn’t have enough experience. 

She was hell bent on not just serving coffee and being more than that. (She was never just a shoe after all!)

Even after she had Emma, she was phenomenal in every sense. Her drive and determination to soar high in life is what kept her motivated at all times. 

She prioritized her career and never let anyone or anything come in the way of her success.

Chandler Bing

Chandler will forever be known for his wit and sarcasm. He’s charming in his own unique way, which is probably what won Monica over!

We should adopt Chandler’s carefree, yet caring nature. He doesn’t watch sports and love musicals, and he especially loves Miss Congeniality. 

He gave up a high paid suit job to pursue a career in what he really wants. This goes to show that he loves what he loves, and there’s no one who can make him change his views.

And although Chandler was funny, he was terrible at giving advice. His only advice is to ask Monica instead. 

However, he was the best at just being there for a friend especially when they needed a shoulder.

Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe went through a rollercoaster of events right from her childhood. If anyone else had to go through the experiences she’s gone through, they’d probably go crazy. 

Ironically, though, Phoebe Buffay happens to be the quirkiest and bubbliest in the bunch. She is almost never depressed, and even when she is, she still knows how to positively affect the people around her.

Phoebe taught us to do things you love even if you’re not the greatest at them. I mean she was awful at singing, but did that stop her? Never! 

She also taught us to not care about what others think of you. Neither will you probably see the same people again in your life, nor do they have any right to dictate how you should live. So, run however you want to in life!

We should all adopt Phoebe’s confidence and love of oneself. Only then will you realize that happiness, no matter what the situation is, is achievable.

Joey Tribbiani

Joey’s iconic lines “How you doin’?” and “Joey doesn’t share food!” would be the first two things that anyone would pop up with whenever Joey is mentioned. 

With his good looks and charming personality, he is almost never rejected by girls.

However, he was also a struggling actor who lived mostly on Chandler’s paycheck and Monica’s refrigerator. 

He had countless auditions, countless bad reviews for his performances and was even fired from the best role (Ahem, Dr. Drake Ramoray!), too.

But Joey never gave up on his acting dreams. He went from audition to audition, from review to review, without any hope lost. Similarly, even we should keep our spirits high and keep trying without giving up.

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