Why They Regret Leaving You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There can be many possible reasons for a relationship to end.

However, based on your zodiac sign, your ex is sure to have some regrets and miss you for the qualities you had brought to the table.


In your relationship, you were always ready to try new things and bond with your partner through them. You were open to experimenting and were always down to try something new or even go with the flow.

Basically, you did anything your partner wanted and ensured they were happy. This is one thing they will miss the most, and probably even regret breaking up with you since they miss the spontaneity.


In a society that really pushes for people to keep their options open and “play the game” in their dating lives, you stand out from the crowd. You committed to your ex wholeheartedly, and the thought of being dishonest or cheating never crossed your mind.

You let them know from the beginning that you were all in and now that you are not together, they will soon understand how difficult it is to find somebody as loyal and committed as you were.


You love exploring new places, mingling with new people and learning new things, thus leading to some pretty memorable situations. And you always wanted to include your partner in on these moments as well.

And that’s exactly what your ex will miss and regret. They’ll miss the excitement you brought in their life, and now that you’ve opened their eyes to so much more in the world, they honestly wish they could have you back to experience more of it.


Everybody knows what an intense person you are, Cancer. You fall hard whenever you fall in love with someone, and you went out your way to show your partner how much you care for them and you bend over backward to make them happy.

No one else has ever loved them in that way and they’ll be hard pressed to ever find someone like that again. And they honestly regret that they didn’t know what they had when they had it.


Having confidence is an insanely attractive quality, and you, Leo, have it in spades. You know exactly what you want and what you deserve, so when you enter into a relationship, it’s not a small thing and your partner discovers that quickly.

You were not afraid to be unapologetically yourself and this is what they will miss the most about you. It is very difficult to find somebody who is so comfortable in their own skin, the way you are.


It is a known fact that you are a perfectionist so it comes as no surprise that you pushed everybody around you to be the best.

When the relationship ended, your ex may have initially felt relief from not having someone nit-pick them, but over time they realized how much better of a person they became when they kicked those bad habits you forced them to confront, and they honestly wish they had appreciated you more when they were with you.


You believe that love is about give and take, about balance and harmony, and when you love someone then you don’t hesitate to do anything and everything to make them happy (and you hope they will do the same for you).

Your ex most definitely regrets letting you go because they took you for granted and know they’ll have a hard time finding someone who cared for them like you did.


You aren’t easy to please or very trusting, but you do show your love in a very unforgettable way. Though you admit that you can be a lot to handle, you also make it worth it with your strong passion and deep devotion to your relationships.

Your ex may still find themselves reminiscing about how much passion and excitement you brought to their lives, and they whole-heartedly regret letting you go.


When it comes to your relationships, you know that life isn’t always happy or positive all the time, but when hard moments came you had a charming and effortless way of making your partner smile or laugh in even the most distressing of situations.

Your ex now misses all the joy and humor you brought into their lives every day, and they know it will be next to impossible to meet someone like you again.


Though you weren’t the most romantic partner, you did your best and worked hard and tirelessly to prove your loyalty and hold on to your partner for as long as possible. That’s a very rare thing, and it’s what your partner misses the most.

They regret not valuing those things about you when they had the chance, and know that finding someone else who matches you on that level is just a lost cause.


You believe in new ideas, new causes and when you get into a relationship with someone, you believe in focusing on the bigger picture and how you both can do things that means something to the world! You went out of your way to put your perspective across to your partner and kept things interesting by giving them different and interesting perspectives on matters.

You’ve changed the way your ex sees the world around them now because they truly believe you’ve helped them be a more self-aware and an all-around better person.


You are among the most emotional zodiac signs and you are not afraid of baring your emotions to anyone. But that also makes you sensitive to the other person’s emotional needs. You always offered your shoulder to cry on and encouraged them to talk out what they’re feeling.

Your ex now realizes how incredibly patient and loving you were with them when they needed you, and regret letting you go.

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