Perks of Dating an Introvert

Introverts can be quiet and shy, but if you have an introvert for a partner, you are lucky.

Introverts love to enjoy their own company but when it comes to a relationship, they take it as a lifetime commitment. And here is a list of perks of dating an introvert.

Introverts are patient listeners.

Sometimes you don’t need words of wisdom, but a shoulder to lean on and a person who will listen about your bad day. Introverts are the go-to people; they are patient listeners and they are all yours when you need some comfort.

They process the information they hear, and think about it on a deeper level. They never interrupt a conversation. They know when to use words and when to stay silent.

Introverts engage in deep, meaningful conversations.

Gossips or small talks don’t interest introverts. They are rather keen on having long, meaningful conversations about interesting things that matter to them.

They are fascinated by things easily and love talking about them in a way that’ll pique your interest in the same. They don’t like the superficial talks. But when it comes to serious topics, they can go on and on.

Introverts are supportive and sensitive.

Introverts treat you just like their own when you’re with them. They will never leave you on your own with your problems. They will stick by you through thick and thin.

They are sensitive to understand a situation and act accordingly. You can always count on them and you will never be disappointed. They’ll make time for you and take care of you in the best ways possible.

Introverts are great secret bearers.

You can trust an introvert with anything and everything. They value honesty, and so will never break your trust.

If you happen to share a secret with an introvert, they will never let anyone know what you have trusted them with. They will guard the secret like their own and won’t judge you for the same.

Introverts are very observant.

Introverts can see things that you don’t. They are silent observers and nothing escapes from their notice. They will tell you things that you didn’t know about yourself.

Their curiosity will help you discover something new about yourself very often and when you’ll see things from their eyes, everything will seem different. 

Their perception about things will be different and you’ll be amazed at how their mind works.

Introverts are very expressive.

Introverts aren’t always expressive, but whenever they do, they do it in the most beautiful gesture. They crave love and intimacy in the purest form.

They make sure they express their love in the most special way. They would do little things for you that would speak tons about their feeling. They admire you and will treasure those small moments.

Introverts are thoughtful.

Being thoughtful is a great trait that introverts possess. They are quick to sense feelings, and will always think a thousand times before acting in a situation. They try to be sure of the fact that they never hurt your sentiments.

An introvert thinks before they execute. They replay it in their mind a hundred times and try not to do things that may cause you pain. There will always be a reason behind why they did or said something to you.

Introverts value your personal space.

Who better than an introvert would know the importance of personal space?

They will give you that space whenever needed. They won’t poke their nose in everything you do, and give you the freedom to decide/choose. 

They trust you and your judgment, and expect the same from you too.

Introverts are one-person people.

When they tell you how important you are to them, listen to them carefully, because they mean every single word. Their heart and soul will be dedicated to you in every way and they will never divert from you.

All they need is a single person to share their thoughts, emotions and life with, they will confide in you and find a home in you and dwell in it. And if you are that person, you can have full faith in their loyalty.

They will be like clear water to you, there will be no mind games from their side and will keep everything out in the open.


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