Is It Love or Attraction?

So many people confuse the feeling of attraction with the emotion of love. 

Attraction and love are two very different things. Attraction is the first step towards love.

You might be attracted to a person but it doesn’t mean you’re in love with them.

There are too many people who are convinced that they’re in love with someone just because they’re amazing and they can’t stop thinking about them, but the truth is most of the time, they’re just attracted to them.

Here are some ways to tell the difference:

Love doesn’t care about appearances, but attraction does.

When you love someone, you don’t care how they look, or if they have any physical abnormalities. You love them for their personality, their heart and their soul.

Attraction is all about the looks. You only focus on their ‘dreamy’ eyes, or any physical feature that has caught your attention, and you pine on that.

Love is a slow process, whereas attraction is instant.

Love takes time to grow whereas attraction can happen anytime, and instantly.

People can say they are in love with someone, but as time passes, they will realize that they hate everything about that person.

Love takes a while to develop and to create genuine connection.

Love is sacrificial. Attraction isn’t.

When in love with someone, you’re ready to help and make sacrifices. This is a sign of honest commitment in love.

Whereas, the lack of “commitment signals” in a relationship is an indication of mere attraction.

Love only grows stronger, while attraction can fade away.

Love is permanent. It only grows and strengthens the bond. You know it is love when you share a comfortable bond with your partner, and that it is sure to last long.

On the other hand, attraction is temporary love. It can be intense, but it is also very short-lived.

A happily in love couple has a picnic

Love is solid, while attraction is rocky.

The love you have for a person is unshakeable. Nothing can come in its way and you’re confident in it.

Attraction, however, makes you doubt a lot of things. You can also fall in and out of being attracted to someone, for no good reason.

Love is timeless, whereas attraction follows a timeline.

When you’re in love you can feel the person in their presence as well as absence. They don’t need to be in front of you physically to know that you love them. You’re in it for the long run, as is your partner.

But in attraction, you just admire them. Whether they are in front of you or not, you only question if this is going to last or not.

Love is real, and attraction is delusional.

Being attracted is a lot like winning the lottery. You can’t believe it, and all you can focus on is the fact that you won the lottery.

Real love isn’t like that. Love is what it feels like after you have the money and can do great things in your life. Love makes you want to create a better life for yourself in all areas.

Love fosters a deeper connection, while attraction is mostly materialistic.

Love expands to having difficult conversations and exploring painful emotions. It’s about staying with each other through thick and thin, and making it through all obstacles in life, together.

But when you’re just attracted to someone, you don’t really care much about them, or their problems. Everything is top-level, basic and casual.

In times of a problem, you might take the first way out so as to not have to deal with them.

Love is accepting, while attraction loses interest.

Love accepts a person’s positive and negative qualities. The tiniest to the most troublesome flaw is looked over, just because you love the person.

Attraction, however, brings you to a point where you might just be over the person at the show of a small flaw. It could be anything you dislike or can’t adjust to, and it’ll just put you off.

Love is secure, and attraction is desperate.

When you love someone, there is immense security that is harbored between the two. You are steady and strong together. There is no need to doubt or question anything, due to the bond you’ve built.

Attraction is the total opposite of that. When you are attracted to someone, you are desperate to be with them, to know the answer to ‘where is this going?’, or ‘will this work?’, and so on. 

Basically, there is a lot of insecurity and doubt.

Love is grounding, while attraction makes you go crazy.

Love calms you down. It has genuine intentions and is considerate. There is no unwanted drama or constant arguments. When the love is true, you only want what’s best for your partner.

On the other hand, attraction can drive you insane. It brings out obsession and jealousy, and you end up being irrational on many occasions. 

You end up being selfish and making a big deal out of small things.

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