Life Lessons We Learned From Harry Potter

For many millennials like ourselves, Harry Potter wasn’t just a series; it was everything. We grew up with Harry Potter, and his story developed with ours.

So it comes as no surprise that there are several life lessons the majority of our generation learned from the series along the way. 

Here are a few life lessons we learned from Harry Potter over the course of the series.

Family isn’t defined by blood

We’ve all heard about how we can’t pick our family. Well, Harry Potter proved that wrong by teaching us that blood isn’t what makes a family, love is.

He showed us that we can create a family of our own by surrounding ourselves with people we love and who love us back.

Your real friends will always be by your side

Whether he was facing a deadly creature or an entire army of evil wizards, Ron and Hermione were always there to help Harry, just as he was always there for them. 

There was nothing they didn’t do together, and nothing they wouldn’t do for one another.

No matter what the situation, they stuck by each other’s side at all times. 

Sure, there were times where they didn’t talk or seemed to grow apart, but in the end, they knew where their loyalty was.

Harry, Ron and Hermione hug

Love conquers all

We can’t possibly win over everyone, but Harry Potter showed us that we can triumph in our relationships with loved ones.

Against hatred, against fear, against violence, against it all, the love Harry, his friends and his supporters carried for one another won, teaching us just how powerful it can truly be.

We can’t change our past, but we can change our future

It’s true that our past shapes us as people, but it doesn’t have to shape the course of our lives. 

While it can be said that all the series’ characters are prime examples of this, the most obvious of all is Harry Potter himself.

He lost his parents as a baby and as a result had to live with his retched uncle, aunt, and cousin. 

And yet, this all changed his life for the better by him choosing to attend Hogwarts. The rest is history.

People aren’t always what they seem

The biggest example of this will obviously be that of Professor Snape. Until the end, Harry doubted Professor Snape’s motives, when in fact he was fighting for Harry all along.

From Snape to Sirius, to even Dobby, Harry was proven wrong time and time again by his initial judgments. 

This just goes to show that our original assumptions of others are often not as spot on as we think.

With age comes wisdom

As proven by Harry Potter, those older than you tend to know a thing or two more about life than you, and can hand out some pretty great advice. 

Whenever Harry found himself in a tough situation, he could always rely on Dumbledore to give brilliant advice or offer a wise suggestion.

Professor McGonagall and Lupin were other elders who were also able to guide the students with love and wisdom.

It’s okay to be different

Luna Lovegood was mocked for being fanciful and different — even Hermione accidentally called her “Loony” once. But there was nothing wrong in her being different. Infact, it was wonderful.

We don’t always have to be or live a certain way that is acceptable to others. We just need to do what’s best for us, however it may be.

We are never truly alone

While seemingly on his own most of the time, Harry Potter always had the support of his friends and guardians, showing us that there’s no such thing as ever being truly alone.

Love, true love, is unending, even though life isn’t, because as you already know, “the ones we love never truly leave us.”

Face your fears

As much as we’d all like to stay in the comfort of our bubble, sometimes life requires us to pop it for our own good.

Whether it’s as simple as saying a frightful name to take away its power or facing one giant spider — and a thousand little ones — confronting fears has always proved powerful.

Sometimes we have to face our own battles alone

Harry continually found himself facing his enemies one on one, and he proved that we won’t always have help when we’re in trouble.

We can’t rely on our friends or family to somehow save us from our own problems every time. 

We have to learn to fight our own battles at some point. The important thing, though, is knowing that we can. 

No one said it’d be easy, but Harry Potter proved it’d be worth it.

A dragon in the harry potter movie above a castle dome

Death isn’t something to be feared

Life is unpredictable and often too short, but Harry Potter taught us that death itself isn’t something to be afraid of, but instead “the next great adventure” — or so says Dumbledore.

We’ve also witnessed Dumbledore say, “Don’t pity the dead. Pity the living, and above all, all those who live without love.

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