What Kind of a Job Would Suit You Based On Your Zodiac?

If you are just starting out in the working world or are looking to change careers, you don’t need to take a test or consult a career professional—just look to the stars

Your zodiac sign may be an indicator of what career(s) best suit your lifestyle and personality.

In this article, we aren’t going to tell you what career or job to go for. But rather highlight the characteristics of each sign that could affect your aspirations, challenges and workplace morale.


Aries is a notoriously competitive sign. They are vibrant, strong-willed, independent, full of energy and very ambitious. 

They are made for great ideas, not for tiny details. 

Job of an Arian should be demanding and challenging, and are best suited for fieldwork, action-oriented or front-end jobs.

Detail-oriented, desk jobs are not for them. They should stay away from routine, dull, monotonous jobs such as documentation work.


Taureans are quite determined and dependable. They are hardworking, honest and gel well with other team members

They need stability, routine and comfort. 

Hence, they rarely get bored with the mundanity of everyday office life. In fact, they are well suited to the corporate world.

Taurus people should stay away from careers that need quick, instant decisions or involve great financial risks.


Gemini people are known for being clever and having quick wits. However, taking decisions is not one of their strong points

So, they can actually think on their feet and process information quickly but they find it difficult to take one decision and stick to it.

They need a certain level of flexibility with their work, as they typically reject structure and can grow easily frustrated by routine. 

They need a role that could give them the freedom to define their own schedule and constantly evolve.


Cancerians love to care and nurture. They feel responsible for everybody’s wellbeing, and whatever they do, they need to contribute to the society and ensure that their role is an important one in making someone happier

They will find difficulty in emotionally connecting to a job if they don’t feel like they’re making an impact on someone’s life.

Typical Cancerians are not good at taking risks. They are not cut out for sales jobs, stock broking, insurance sector, and entertainment industry.


Leos are born to lead and have a high energy quotient. They thrive in a leadership position and manage every task flawlessly. 

A Leo will shine wherever they feel needed and admired, especially if the work feels significant to their own personal values.

However, Leos can be quite stubborn to handle as subordinates. Hence, back-end jobs are not for them.


Perfection is the one word that describes a Virgo personality

They are detail-oriented, well-organized, hard-working and quite practical. Any career where one needs to pay attention to, observe, analyze, and document details will suit a Virgo.

They generally prefer to work remotely and humbly, and perform best in peaceful and professional conditions.

Virgos do lack leadership qualities and hate the spotlight, and so should avoid jobs where they meet people who are reckless or fastidious in nature.


Librans are charming, diplomatic, cooperative and graceful under pressure. They are flexible people with a wide variety of interests.

They can excel in any job, as long as it’s a stress-free and relaxed work atmosphere.

They may do well in lower-rung jobs where they have good company and little responsibility.    But if they are placed at the top of a company, they may fluster and falter every now and then.


Scorpios are strong willed and resourceful. They are driven by passion. 

Complex topics attract Scorpios and they often need to stretch themselves beyond limits.

They are good at coping with routine, demanding, and mundane jobs, but would push to go out of their comfort zone.

They do not do well in anything that is shallow or materialistic.


Sagittarians are lively with high levels of energy. They are straightforward and can express themselves well. 

They usually excel at any career they choose, but in order to succeed, they need independence and a chance to prove their ingenuity.

They find it hard for to settle down into a single career or to feel be fulfilled in a traditional job. Hence, full-time desk jobs are not for them.


Capricorns are extremely comfortable in positions of power and responsibility

Their patience, determination and calm nature under pressure is perfect for high-stress jobs and situations.

They thrive in positions of power or any vocation where math or money is involved.
Careers that do not offer growth or involve large financial risks are not meant for Capricorns.


Aquarians are innovative, eccentric and inventive human beings. 

Those with a mind for math or science will likely find great personal gratification with a job in the tech world, working to discover new methods of progress

Aquarians desire to serve as the catalyst for positive change.

Conventional jobs that do not allow individuality or independent thinking are not for them.


Sensitive and emotional, Pisceans are also creative and artistic. They have an ability to think outside the box

However, they need to be protected from harsh roles of life and need to be given space due to their emotional nature.

Pisceans do not work for money, but for passion. They wouldn’t work well in a career that would require reporting to a strict schedule.

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