How To Propose Your Crush

Love is a wonderful feeling and if the other person has the same feeling for you, then it is something that cannot be expressed through words. The presence of a special someone is a must to have in life.

Loving someone is the first thing which you can do and proposing to them is another. Getting to know someone else and making them like you take a lot of time because you can’t compel anyone to love you like that.

Now it’s time to think about how you’re going to bring the ultimate question to the crush of your dreams! And if you don’t know how to propose your crush, don’t worry – we got you covered.

Here are some minimal and budget friendly ways to propose your crush. With a lot of adoration, your crush is going to worship you even more and never forget the special moment.

Write down your feelings in a letter.

This is such a classic way to win over your crush. It is sure and stunning way to melt their heart. If your feelings are true, write them on a piece of paper and let your crush read them and feel them. 

Every single word loaded with all your true emotions will reach their heart directly and make them accept your proposal for sure.

This is something your crush may never expect and they’ll definitely be happy. They’ll cherish this moment and the letter for life.

A letter, a flower and a photograph placed on a table

Say it with flowers.

When it comes to expressing emotions, nothing can do such magic as beautiful flowers can. Speak your heart out in front of your crush with a bunch of flowers. 

Choose to buy special flowers and give them to the person you adore from the bottom of your heart.

Flowers will not only make your crush smile, but certain blooms also have particular meanings so you can say much more. A vase full of beautiful blooms will remind your crush of you for days to come.

This idea of love confession will definitely do wonders and make them accept your love.

Put on a proposal hunt.

One of the most special ways in which you can pop the big question to your love is by including your friends in your romantic gesture.

Get your friends together and give them each one rose. Ask your friend to give a rose one by one to your partner. You can ask one of your friends to guide him/her throughout the journey and also record all this at the same time. 

The end point should be the place where everything is properly set up and you pop the question.

Another way is through social media, which in today’s era is a blessing for couples. Is your love active on any social media platform? 

If yes, then grab this chance to prepare for a treasure hunt proposal for your loved one. You can ask your friends to either post a picture with some hints or make video hints towards the ultimate question.

Sure, you will get a yes in response.

Plan a rooftop date.

Planning a rooftop date is going to be an extremely special proposal. All you have to do is put on your cooking skills on the table and decorate the area. A romantic ambiance, delicious meal, scented candles, and mind-blowing decoration will definitely set the mood.

So, cook their favorite dish and set up a romantic terrace date for your love, and under the twinkling stars and candlelight, pop the question!

Plan a movie date.

romantic movie with your crush is like a dream for many people. And if they like you back, then there is no issue at all. 

While proposing and sharing your thoughts may be a little hard for people, you can always say it through watching a super romantic movie.

Choose a movie to indicate the pre-planned proposal. Get ready to propose after the movie ends. It would be the most beautiful date of your relationship.

Play a game proposal.

If you both enjoy playing games together, just grab this as an opportunity to propose. You can play a game and when it’s your turn, just ask the question.

All you have to do is find out the details of the game and find a way to deliver your special message. It can be a general trivia game or even truth or dare!

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