How To Impress A Man

Impressing a man is much more than looks or something you say. It’s about him being awed by you to the point where he can’t bear the thought of missing out. 

Where he wants more access to you and your life than anyone else, and is willing to give up the freedom of singledom to get it.

First, you need to get a man to notice you, and then, you’ll want to keep him interested in you. Impressing the man you like shouldn’t be a one-dimensional thing, but something you need to approach from many different angles. 

One technique might not be enough to get his attention (or hold it), so it is best to come up with a few good ideas if you want to succeed with your goal of trying to impress him.

Here are a few ways you can impress the man (woman) you like.

Be ambitious and passionate about life.

Nothing impresses men like passion and ambition. When you have a great life with things you’re excited for, you’ll make a massive impression on a man. It doesn’t matter what it is. If you’re excited and passionate about it, guys will be impressed and want to be a part of it.

Ambition on top of passion is the icing on the cake. When you’re not only passionate about what you have now, but have an exciting plan for the future and are on a mission to get there, you’ll awe any man.

Challenge him (and win it!).

This is a no-brainer. Every man is impressed by an intelligent woman who can debate issues, find solutions in her life, and hold intelligent and thoughtful conversation. 

Men are awed by a woman’s emotional intelligence. A dumb bimbette could seem attractive for a few hours, but she’ll be the butt of his jokes after that.

Challenge his views and debate with him with your strong opinions. If you want to leave him awestruck, repeatedly and consistently outwit him. Raise his brows and intrigue him to a point where he can’t stop thinking about you.

Tempt him with your appearance.

Dress well and look good all the time when he’s around. 

You may assume that people who like you won’t judge you, but that’s not always the truth. If you were dating the guy and he dresses shabbily while going out with you, wouldn’t you feel a small twinge of disappointment when you’re walking down the street with him?

Look your best, awe everyone around you, and the guy you like will feel lucky to be with you. That does not mean you go out of your way and lose your comfort zone. 

Be confident and comfortable in whatever you wear – just carry yourself gracefully. There’s no need to be vulgar or promiscuous either.

Be kind to everyone.

Men are instinctively drawn towards kinder women who seem pleasant and approachable. Be warm when you speak to others, even if you aren’t interested in talking to them. 

Such an attitude communicates undeniable self-confidence. It demonstrates social skills and the ability to shine anywhere, anytime.

Don’t insult a guy who tries to talk to you just because he’s not a great conversationalist. But at the same time, don’t put up with guys that treat you disrespectfully either.

A girl's hand holds a post-it with "Be Kind" written on it.

Keep him grounded.

A man will be thoroughly impressed by a woman who can manage to keep his head from the clouds and rather have him grounded.

Don’t shoot him down when he’s setting goals or feeling good – absolutely not. But every guy has moments when he gets a little ahead of himself and starts being cocky. 

A quality woman calls him out on this. She raises her eyebrows and gives him the, “Suuuuure mister” look, then follows up with a joke or dig that subtly brings him back down from the clouds. 

He might not like that you don’t put him on a pedestal like all the other girls, but he’ll be very impressed by it.

Don’t give in too easily.

Even if you like a guy a lot, don’t give in too easily and try to please him from the very beginning

When you try to please a man too soon, he’ll start taking it easy because he’d know that he’s already won you over, and he’ll stop trying to woo you or impress you.

The whole reason ‘playing hard to get’ was coined as dating advice was because people were looking to raise their own challenge (by faking it) to appear more attractive. 

While playing hard to get won’t always work, the thought process behind it is correct in that being a challenge does make you more attractive.

Be spontaneous.

Participate in activities, have fun, and even when you’re with the guy you like, don’t be too predictable. Cut him in the middle of the conversation, and ask him to accompany you somewhere because you feel like it. 

When you’re spontaneous and unpredictable, the guy would try harder to please you because he just can’t understand your likes and dislikes.

Keep him guessing who you are. Nothing impresses the alpha male like women who are continually evolving.

Respect yourself.

Men commit to women they respect. And if you want a guy (or anyone else) to respect you, you have to respect yourself. 

A woman who respects herself expects it from others, and she quietly removes those who aren’t forthcoming with it from her life. Thus, she creates herself a reality of people in her life respect her.

You are the only one who determines how you want to be treated. Set boundaries and let the people around you know that there are limits they can never cross. 

Let the man know that you do things on your terms. It will impress him even more and make him have mad respect for you.

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