Hard Truths About Life

Life will almost never go as planned.

Instead of making plans, try to make goals and don’t put too many expectations on the timeline.

The universe has the best plans for your life. You just have to trust it and let everything happen the way it’s meant to.

Life is not fair.

Never was. Never will be. Every moment that you expect life to be fair is a moment you’re expending emotional energy that leads nowhere. Life is life. Good things happen. Bad things happen.

By accepting this uncomfortable truth, we are able to direct your time and energy into things that are more worthwhile.

Failures are unavoidable.

You will fail multiple times and some of the failures will make you want to give up.

Failing is the only road to success and it’s never about the results; it’s about always getting back up and trying again.

If they really want it, they will.

If you apply pressure, they’ll do what you want them to. If you take the pressure off, you’ll see what they’d rather do.

Never waste time forcing something. When people are truly inspired, you never need to motivate them with force. Let them go. Move on.

Nobody has any idea what they’re doing.

If you are confused about what you want to do with your life, take solace in the knowledge that most, if not all of us, are also still figuring things out.

People are actually as confused as you are. And they’re just pretending as if they know how to live right. 

There is no use comparing your life to others since everybody is struggling and fighting their own battles. Always remember that no one’s life is as perfect as their Instagram feed.

Nobody Is Perfect

It’s not your job to fix damaged people.

Your responsibility to help someone will never outweigh their responsibility to help themselves.

But it’s worth asking yourself why you resonated so strongly with someone that so desperately needed “fixing” in the first place. 

Often, our own toxic romantic and non-romantic attachments tell a story about an issue we have within ourselves.

Forgiving yourself will be the hardest challenge in your life.

Accept the fact that you will make mistakes here and there. All of your actions have consequences and it’s totally okay for you to mess up because it’s the only way for you to learn and discover yourself.

Forgiveness is always a difficult task, especially when it comes to yourself. However, it opens doors to immense peace and happiness.

Closure is a choice.

Closure isn’t an apology, or justice, or answers. That’s insecurity. If the situation made you feel shit or awful, seeking closure by reopening it is insanity.

Closure isn’t something they can give you. Closure is internal. Closure is moving on. Closure is the beginning. Closure is YOUR choice.

You can never make everyone like you.

Even if you transform yourself to a Nutella jar. They will judge you anyway, so just do whatever you love as long as it’s not bothering other people’s well-being.

Be your best self and don’t try to change for anyone!

Success doesn’t happen overnight.

Most successes happen in small steps and take a long time.

While many people search constantly for a quick fix to turn their lives around, the truth is that the hard work you put in today will likely only begin to pay off months, if not years, down the road.

You will always attract what you deserve.

Because there is no such thing as coincidence; everything that happens in your life is the result of your actions. There will always be hard work behind every success.

Remember: what goes around, comes around.

You can’t rely on anyone but yourself.

Because everybody else is busy making the best of their lives and you should too. You must learn to be your own hero and save yourself first before you help others.

Accept the fact that you came into this world alone and you will die alone too. But, being alone is okay, since the universe is never stopped giving its blessings, if only you notice and embrace it.

You’re merely a blip in the cosmos.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t be the most powerful and amazing blip ever.

The legacy we leave behind, the people we touch, the bigger impact is what will matter. 

So don’t get caught up with how small your life can be or how meaningless your existence is. Be grateful and do the best you can.

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